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Thank you for thinking of The Institute of Production and Recording for your hiring needs. We look forward to building a partnership with you and assisting your organization in finding the best candidates to fill your open positions.

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The Institute of Production and Recording provides employment assistance for students and graduates, a benefit available at any of our campus locations as well as online. Our staff members will help throughout every step of the job search process.

"This is where a lot of what I learned at Broadview University comes into play, learning about business, learning about managing business, marketing and business. It's giving you the knowledge you need to be successful."
-Colby, Master in Business Administration

"The Vet Tech graduates from Broadview University have the technical skills to perform all tasks a veterinary technician should, but also have a professionalism and client relations skills that make them stand out at Cottonwood."
-Micah Cooper, Cottonwood Animal Hospital

"What I really love about the program is that it is hands on. You get to learn what it is that you really are passionate about and I've loved the volunteer oppurtunities that are offered at MSC."
-Sophia, Minnesota School of Cosmetology Student

"I have had a wonderful experience working in conjunction with Minnesota School of Business. Currently we employ three very talented, dedicated, and hardworking graduates."
-Diana Maertens, Top Talent Solutions

"I think the most valuable part of the school was not only to learn my technical skills and to learn the knowledge of my field, but mainly to connect with people and network with a branch of people that are in the music industry every single day."
-Bryan, Institue of Production and Recording

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